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Cockroach Preparation


Cockroaches tend to dwell in areas where food, water and heat are.

 In order for our treatments to fully work we will need the following preparations done before the treatment can be done.

  • Empty out all of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Pull out all food, dishes, pots, pans, ect. 
  • Clear off all counter tops in the kitchen and bathrooms 
  • If you have anything covering your shelves, please remove 
  • If you have been treating pests yourself, Stop Immediately! If you have been using any powders, please clean up prior to treatment. 
  • Cover any loose food with plastic or place in plastic bags. 
  • If you have any pets, please place animals in a bedroom until the time period is over. If you own any aquariums, cover the top and turn off the motor. 
  • You will have to vacate the premises before the treatment can start and stay out for a minimum of 2 hours.